Friday, August 22, 2008

Pink Birthday Cupcakes

These were created for a 14 year olds birthday. My client informed me that her daughter is totally into Legally Blonde The Musical and asked me to come up with something that represented that. I came up with a pink dress, shoes and a dog. The large cupcake is for the birthday girl. Yellow cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. All decorations are made with confectioner's chocolate.

I received this sweet note from my client:

Hi Rose,
Great job! The cupcakes were perfect - Lauren was thrilled! She thought she was getting a cake from the grocery store so that made it even "sweeter". They were too cute to eat, but we did. :) They're as delicious as they are pretty. You really added the perfect touch to her Legally Blonde birthday.

Thanks again! Lori

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