Saturday, November 22, 2008

1st Birthday Cupcakes & Cookies

These cupcakes and sugar cookie favors were created for a little girl's 1st birthday party. The cupcakes are red velvet with cream cheese frosting and the sugar cookies have a vanilla royal icing. The decorations on top of the cupcakes are chocolate.

I received this really sweet note from my client:

The cake, cupcakes and cookies were a huge hit and of course everyone asked (foolishly) 1) if I made them and then 2) where I got them. When I told them Naperville, they did think I was a little crazy, but I still think well worth drive. Not only did they look beautiful, they tasted great too. I heard the cookies were good but did not get to try one yet (I saved one for myself.) Should have ordered more cookies. Meredith did not dive into the cake like I thought, instead she took her mini ice cream cone and dug in into the top of the cake. I'll send some pictures once I get them downloaded. Thanks again. Jennifer

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