Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday

These were created for a woman turning 50 and all of her friends are celebrating tonight at Bunco. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Decorations are candy clay.

I received this wonderful note from my friend who ordered the cupcakes:

Dear Rose,
What can I say? Your cookies and cupcakes were the hit of the party, in fact the hit of the day yesterday! Not only did everyone rave about how beautiful they were, but they LOVED the way they tasted! I think the red velvet might have been the favorite, I nabbed one to bring home! There weren't many of them left!
Thank you again for loaning me the stand too. I put some flowers and baby's breath around and between the cupcakes and the presentation was great! I would send you a picture. but I left my camera at Kellies' house.
The Bunco group wanted me to send them your web site. I raved about what a great job you do, and I am hoping that the word will get around about the great work you do. I had several people thank me for going the extra mile to make sure Beth M. had something special for her birthday.
Just wanted to say thanks for doing such a wonderful job! I know you do it for all of your clients, but I was especially proud to be able to say that my friend had done this beautiful, delicious work!

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